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Below are listed breeders of Singapuras. Should you wish to be included please apply to or Telephone 01933 275780for further details.

Norfolk     Northamptonshire    Wiltshire   


Mrs Marcia Owen, Northamptonshire.  Telephone 01933 275780 
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The Goldlay Cattery has been in existence since 1976 consistently producing quality Burmese and Birman kittens with super temperaments, which are all reared in the home environment. They welcomed the Singapuras into their midst in 1998. Kittens are fully vaccinated and insured in line with GCCF recommendations and are always happy to consider their new potential homes. Breeder of the first GCCF UK Imperial Grand Champion Singapura and the first UK TICA Supreme Grand Champion Singapura.

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Mr & Mrs M Brooks, Wiltshire. Telephone 01225 709297

We are a small cattery who have been showing and breeding since 1988. First with Burmese and then British until our 1st Singapura arrived in 1997. We now have a family of 6 Singapuras and 4 Burmese some of whom are now old age pensioners. We occasionally have kittens available to loving permanent homes from our 3 queens and 1 boy. All our kittens are raised andfully socialised in the home environment and leave home fully vaccinated and insured.

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Mrs Kinsey Foster, Norfolk, Phone 07432 678838

Singaneko Singapuras are all reared in a home environment with plenty of human interaction and exposure to every day noises such a hoovers, washing machines, and television. As a result they are very sociable, playful and confident. All kittens are accompanied by a kitten pack which will include items such as a packet of the food they currently eat, favourite toys and treats, blanket, poop scoop, pedigree, a letter telling you all their milestones since birth, something about their personality, likes and dislikes and their routine.  I also include  a signed copy of my children's book Paolo the Brave which is the first in the series of five about one of my studs. All kittens are registered with GCCF, some also with TICA, FIFe and CFA. Kittens leaves us fully vaccinated, wormed and flea’d with a list of the relevant dates for repeat applications of the latter two, and a health record indicating their vaccinations. You have a choice of 4 – 5 weeks free insurance with either Petplan or Agria when the kitten leaves us.  We remain available for advice and mentoring to all new kitten owners or new breeders.  

Some of our kittens have been rehomed abroad and we will either take them ourselves, encourage collection in person or use an appropriate courier to accompany the kittens. We will not allow kittens to travel as cargo.

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