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Janager Janamel Jessica Samilse Bracken Briar Teignage Janamel Tansy

Janagar Janamel Jessica

Samilse Bracken Briar

Teignage Janamel Tansy

Jessica is a Lilac Burmese kitten and at the Somerset got 1st and BOB out of 4. She is a great great grandaughter to Bracken. She presently has 1 CC. Bracken was our foundation queen who is now a fat happy neuter. She was shown as a kitten but didn't like it, with the judges having to unfold her like a hedgehog. She has given us some lovely kittens who have gone on to gain their own titles. The most famous of these was Gr.Ch. & Gr.Pr. Janamel Pandora Patches. Tansy was also shown as a kitten but took exception to the other neighbouring cats. She had one litter and produced Gr.Pr. Janamel Moonmariner.

Rotara Janamel Kismet

  Kissy is a Brown Tortie Burmese who is a wonderful mum and a very loving cat. She is now living very happily with Sandra Wood  


Goldlay Janamel Jasmine Goldlay Starburst

Goldlay Janamel Jasmine

Gr Ch Goldlay Starburst

Valisa Janamel Pandora

Jasmine has achieved her 3 IC's, joining her sister Ellie in this achievement. She has achieved 1 CC

Ellie has 3 IC's and an Overall Best in show win at the Ceasarea 2003.
Sister to Goldlay Janamel Jasmine. She has gone on to achieve her Grand Champion Champion title

Pandora is our youngest Sinagpura recruit and is showing her worth by being Best Foreign kitten at the Shoprshire show in 2006. She now has 1 CC. She has since been neutered and has won her first Premier Certificate. She has also been shown in TICA and is now the first UK Singapura Supreme Grand Champion Alter. On the 6h June 2009 Dora achieved her Premier Title

Singingpurrs Shardonnay

Jinnomni Bobuddy

Pr Singingpurrs Shardonnay

Janamel Sampagita

Buddy is our new stud boy bred by Derek Smith from American lines. He is a sweet boy with a lovely temperament who has sired 2 litters of kittens so far. Oliver was our first and oldest Singapura, a big soppy boy whose favourite position is in front of the microwave or the fridge, he loves his food. He is best friends with Jessica who ruthlessly jumps on him and pushes him around but he just puts up with it all. He has lots of Merits but only one IC at the moment as we have had other cats to show but he will appear again on the show bench. He was Best Male Neuter at the Singapura show 2002. With the advent of championship status for the breed, he has gained his Premier title Sam is Chanel's daughter and constant companion. She has 3 IC's and many Merits and is a very chatty girl who answers as if she understands what is being said to her. She has achieved her Premier title and was judged Best in Show Foreign at the Midland Counties show in 2006. She has since gone on to become a Grand Premier and TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Alter.

Drasnian Janamel Serafina

Janamel Mestika

Jayshelm Janamel's Jodoh

Fina was BOV Foreign at the Midland Counties in 2008 Milly is Pandora's daughter, who loves her so much that she carries her around a lot. Milly is a wilful little madam who loves her food and will snatch it from under her mother's, or our, noses. Jodoh is our stud boy who has started producing kittens for us.

Drasnian Yaezakura

Jananmel Sejensis

Ruby is a Best of Breed winner Molly is the daughter of Jodoh and Milly and is a Best of Breed winner