Cats we have known

This page is dedicated to the beautiful cats that have shared our lives and have very sadly passed on.
Pr Janamel Flash Dancer
Janamel Pandora Patches

Pr. Janamel Flash Dancer

GR.PR.Leibling Maya

Gr Ch & Gr Pr Janamel Pandora Patches

Biscuit was Pandora's soppy brother who also gained his title.. Maya was our oldest Burmese at just over 17 and was the first Burmese. She travelled all over the country to various shows, featured on adverts for Canac cat furniture and been a live exhibit at Salisbury Museum when they featured the cat. She always enjoyed show day and was waiting in the carrier in the morning to go. Although she had never had a litter herself she was a long suffering 'auntie' to many kittens. Maya died recently from old age and is greatly missed by the whole family. Pandora was Bracken's daughter and Biscuit's sister. She had a wonderful show record with 10 or more Best in show wins and many Best of Variety wins including Best of Variety Adult at the Supreme 1998.
Pr Toscana Sebastian Brown
Karburthai Janamel Imerys

Pr.Toscana Sebastian Brown

Kaburthai Janamel Imerys

Sebby was 17 in November. He has been all over the country with Maya and has 2 Grand Premier Certificates but became too old to be able to enjoy the shows anymore. He has also featured on Canac Cat Furniture and has been a live exhibit at Salisbury museum where he kept a close eye on a stuffed fox that was at the same height as he was. He is very much a Mummy's boy. Bailey was to have been our stud boy but sadly it was not to be. He was a really soppy boy who loved to give you nose kisses. He won his IC at his first Adult show.

Gr Pr Starburst Cocpops


Elliot was the first Grand Premier Chocolate British colourpointed. He was an adorable, cuddly big teddy bear of a cat who just loved kittens and would run after them to play making little chirping sounds. He was a big cat with a little voice, more of a squeak really. He helped the colourpointeds through from Merits to Championship status and would have continued his show career but he cut his back foot while out in the garden and ended up with a white line across it. He was a big cat with a big heart!
Tammy was our very first cat and although friendly to people did not really like other cats. She remained fit and healthy until the day she died at the grand age of 14.

Gr Pr Iskander Comel

Chanel, as we affectionately called her, was a very special cat. She was destined to make her mark in the Singapura breed. She easily achieved the required number of Merit Certificates and then Intermediate Certificates required to help the breed in their progression to Championship status in June 2005. She took a number of Best in Show awards over the years, both section and overall wins including two at the Singapura Breed club show. On the 27th August 2005, Chanel became the first Female Premier and then on the 19th November of that year, at the GCCF Supreme Show, became the first Grand Premier.

Sadly less than a month after gaining her title, after a short illness, Chanel had to be put to sleep following investigations by the vet that revealed multiple tumours. We did not want to prolong any discomfort that Chanel had been experiencing so did her the kindness of not allowing her to wake up.

Chanel has helped to write the Singapura history books in the UK and has secured her place at the top, though she may not have had time to enjoy her elevated status fully.