Maine Coons
At Rest




Gone but not forgotten

They say memories are golden,
well maybe that is true:
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you

A million times I needed you
A million times I’ve cried;
if love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
in death I love you still;
in my heart you hold a piece
no one could ever fill

But now I know you want me
to mourn for you no more,
to remember the happy times
life still has much in store

Since you’ll never be forgotten
I pledge to you today;
A hallowed place within my heart
is where you’ll always stay

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I’d walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again

Our family chain is broken
and nothing seems the same;
but as God calls us one by one
the chain will link again










UK Imp Gr Pr Jinglebelles LadyofAthena






Gr.Pr. Jinglebelles Valentino (Max)
09.04.06 - 08.01.13

Max was our gentle giant. He was born in a litter of three along with his brother Barney and sister Sukie. It was very apparent from an early age that he was going to be the first home bred coon to stay with us as he showed such promise and was always the confident one.

Max's show career took off at an early age, winning many Open's & BOB's as a kitten and when he became old enough gained his 3 PC's in straight shows, then followed his Grand Certificates which he excelled at also gaining many BOB's along the way.

The highlight of his career which we remember fondly was the Supreme Cat Show in November 2008 where he went onto win Grand Premier & BOB from Daphne Butters in a strong class of boys. The critique she gave moved me to tears as Daphne went onto explain to members of the public and exhibitors -

"Ist GPC & BOB Butler's Pr. Jinglebelles Valentino, 64 31ts, 09.04.06
Silver Tabby & White. A large male with a very strong head and beautiful coat. Wonderful clean green eyes. Large ears, set quite high on a strong broad head of medium length with good breadth. Square muzzle, firm chin. Long and very weighty body, in excellent balance with head size. Huge bone and limbs. Long, very well furnished flowing tail. Currently in full winter coat with ruff and breeches. Well marked classic tabby pattern with contrasting whites. A true gentle giant, really grooming well and superb to handle".

At the Supreme in 2009 the year when Joanna Lumley was filming CAT WOMAN, as she was walking down the isle she spotted Max sitting as per the usual trend in his chair quite chilled. She was quite astonished that amongst all the hussle and bussle going on that day he was sitting watching the world go by - she exclaimed 'there is a cat loose here where is its owner, he might run off' well we just burst out laughing, not only were we chatting to some friends at the time next to him, who promptly turned round and said 'oh that's Max! he won't go anywhere, his owner here could walk away and come back in 5 minutes and he would still be sitting there!' true to his nature he was sat there whilst she continued to talk about him and the cameras rolled inches from his face and he never moved!

The following year we were approached by a research company who was looking for a green eyed, black silver tabby maine coon for their advertising! They found Max. So off we trotted down to London to the photo shoot very early in the morning with Max in the back and he and us enjoyed the exciting experience of the very long and tiring day, but as usual he took it in his stride and he now proudly adorns the Nature's Best dried cat food for Purina, we are so proud of this boy.

Max had attended many shows in exhibition, his last being November 2012 at the Birman Annual Show where he showed his true spirit loving all the attention from the visiting public sitting in his armchair, when a small child remarked 'look mummy he is sitting there all by himself' the people who brought Socks & Cookie to the show for the children said Max had more attention than they did on the day.

Sadly, on 8th January 2013 I went out to see the cats in their pens when I noticed Max was lying down by the litter tray, Lacey (his half sister) was standing over him pawing him, I called him but he did not move, I realised then at that sad moment he had gone to Rainbow Bridge. He has left a huge hole in not only our lives but that of his half sister who lived with him, it took her a long time to get over his passing but fortunately she has now rallied round.

Run free big boy, you are always in our hearts, never to be forgotten

UK Gr Pr Adqualo Fussy Flissy
28.12.1995 - 25.07.2012

Angel was never destined to be a show cat, but we took a gamble and she shone through and through, gaining not only her numerous PC's, BOB's & finally her two U.K. Grand's from Mrs Joyce Price and Mrs Joyce Worth in 1998 and 2000.

In the year 2000 at the Supreme Show this was to be the toughest day of her career at the show that year as it was the largest ever blue female neuter class for the U.K. in the history of the Supreme Show, and boy what a day that was. My good friend Theresa Groves and her lovely girl Mitzi and Angel were whittled down after a very long and tense nail biting morning for Angel to be crowned the U.K. we were a complete nervous wreck the pair of us, but boy, did we celebrate.

Angel was the litter sister Adqualo Klassy Kassy 'Holly' who we sadly lost at the beginning of 2012 and is now running free over Rainbow Bridge with her sister and other fellow competitors, Willow, Mitzi whom we all had great time over the years that they were competitors against on many occasions.

Rest in Peace little Angel we all miss you and your sister greatly; you were our foundation girls and set us on the road to where we are today.

Always in our hearts

Adqualo Klassy Kassy (Holly)
28.12.1995 - 19.02.2012

Holly was very much my husband's Mark cat - when we went to visit the breeder in Worcester, she trundled in along with her siblings to meet us, Holly was the one Mark was drawn to and so we agreed a purchase price and home we travelled a very happy couple. Along the way we started to discuss what would Holly do if we were both out all day and after much discussion en-route home we decided that I would telephone the breeder and ask if I could have Angel too, we were delighted to say that she said yes, and so we had purchased our first two birmans, aptly named, Holly and Angel as they were born on the 28th December.

Holly and Angel settled in very well and interacted socially and happily. During the summer months, it became apparent to me that Angel may well turn out to be a good show cat as she had the personality and was happy to be handled unlike her sister Holly who would grumble no end when you picked her up, but no malice was intended. I rang the breeder and asked about how to go about entering shows and she promptly advised me that it was a tough world out there, give it a go, no harm in trying, she pointed me in the direction of The Colour Pointed, Rex Coated and AOV show which was being held not far from where we lived in Walsall, she advised that we went along, speak to exhibitor alike and get the inside knowledge of how things went.

Well we did it, we entered our very first show in the October and Angel gained her 1st PC & BOB and Holly came 2nd in a big class of 6 girls and boys, we were over the moon! Shirley Talboys who was there along with her husband David, came around to see her and said 'Angel was one of the best matings she had seen in a long time out of the late Shandatal Blue Danube'.

This was the start of a show career for both the girls and we began to enter more and more and
make a lot of good friends and competitors along the way. Angel progressed very well, but sadly
Holly was not to be the show girl we had hoped for as she was handled very badly at one show and her head was banged against the cage door putting her back in, she never forgot! fortunately we happened to be on the balcony watching this when it happened, so Holly was never again to be shown, she was having none of it. However, she was never left alone, when we travelled far and wide she came with Angel as her companion and stayed in the hotel rooms whilst we were at the show and the girls were delighted to be back together when the day was over, Angel telling her all about her day and Holly washing her!

Holly was destined to be the bodyguard at home, she very much ruled the roost right up to the last day, when we sadly had to let her go as she had an inoperable tumour in the abdomen and at 16 years, 1 month and 19 days of age it would have been too much for her to go through. Holly was unique in her character and personality and she has given us so much over the past 16 years she has left a huge void never to be filled. Rest in Peace big girl, you are now running free, until we meet again.

Your loving mum, dad and of course sister 'Angel' xx

Gr. Ch. & Gr. Pr. Fizzwizz Moll Flanders – aka ‘Chloe’

Little did we know that this girl was to become our superstar – Chloe was on the bench at 15 weeks old and at her first show at Southampton got 1st & BOB over a kitten that was 8 months old! It was then we realised that she was to be our superstar.

Chloe was one of three illicit sisters, Fizzwizz Nell Gwynne, Fizzwizz Lily Langtry and Fizzwizz Moll Flanders; she was our long awaited seal tabby girl, although John and Elaine put us through a few tense weeks waiting to find out if she was ours! She went on to become a Grand Champion in a very short time, winning along the way, many Best in Shows. 

After a spell of motherhood, and producing some stunning kittens along the way, some became quite famous by appearing in magazines etc. [she really was more interested in pinching the other babies from her stablemate Crystal as well as looking after her brood] she was neutered and then was back on the show scene within a few months, gaining along the way her Gr. Pr. status as well.

Sadly for Chloe following a dental we discovered that her hearing had been badly affected and she was, after a thorough check up with the vets, pronounced deaf. That sadly was the end of her show career as we could not risk a steward putting their hands in to pick up her and startling her, so we decided to retire her from the show scene altogether.

Fortunately for us, like all of our show cats we keep a scrapbook of every report done by judges throughout the show season and we can fondly look back and enjoy the treasured moments of joy we had.

On January 20th 2012 at the tender age of 13 years and 8 months old, sadly Chloe had to be put to sleep to end her suffering from a tumour.

RIP big girl, you will be forever in our hearts and soul, until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge xx

Ollie (Pr Elyskats Impossible Dream)

This gentle giant was sadly put to sleep in December 2010 to ease the suffering that was being caused by an inoperable tumour.  He was our very special boy and he was our first Maine Coon and he was destined to be our star, thankfully he made Premier with ease and we want to thank Elsbeth for entrusting this lovely gentle boy into our care who gave us so much in such a short time.

RIP Ollie
Gone but never forgotten - till we meet at rainbow bridge.
From your loving Mum and Dad xx


Bluey (Jinglebelles Blue Spirit)

Left us in December 2003

Bluey, as this big boy was affectionately known, was born the exact minute Princess Diana of Wales was pronounced dead in France. Ironic as the saying goes 'for every human or animal that leaves this world another is born'. Bluey was very much a home boy, loved by all the girls here at Jinglebelles, and was known as the gentle giant and our ambassador when anyone came to view the kittens. Everybody loved him!

(Champion & Premier Jinglebelles Cheeky Chico

Cheeky Chico, as this boy was affectionately known, both at home and in the show world, gained his first CC from Carol Pike at the tender age of 9 months and 1 day old and he never looked back. Chico gained his second and third CCs to become Champion at 10 1/2 months old. He was then neutered, and by the time he was 18 months old he had gained his Premier title too. He was our first home bred show hooligan and was a dream to show. Some of his show critiques: 'Wow! What a stunner!; What a worthy winner; a very handsome boy; stunning eye colour; this boy is destined for the top!; excellent nature; a dream boy, my take home cat of the day!; I want to take him home!

Gr. Pr. & FiFe Interational Premier Alisika Talkof Thedevil
02.02.2011 – 05.10.2014
Aka ‘TAZ’

Taz as she was fondly know is the daughter of I Gr. Ch. Big-Hannibal’s Dark Devil (IMP) she had the look of her daddy and was always a lovely bouncy girl.  Her stablemate Pr. Celticoon Bilberry aka Star, always had fun together running around and bouncing off each other.

Ironically, Taz & Star were born on the same day, 02 April 2011 and it was indeed a hectic weekend travelling to collect these two from their respective breeders.

Taz’s career took of slowly as a kitten but when she was neuter and was into the big girl’s class, she thrived and went from 3 PC’s to 3 Grand’s in straight shows.

Because of her wonderful laid back nature, I decided to broaden her career into the world of FiFe.  Taz absolutely loved this and took these shows all in her stride to attain her title of International Premier in a very short space of time.  She was destined to attend a show in August but sadly did not make it, she became ill following a show in July, if she had attended this show she would have attained her 5th Certificate to become Grand International Premier to add to her already title of International Gr. Pr.

She was a ray of sunshine and loved to be cuddled, very much a lap cat and purred for England.

On Sunday 5th October 2014 we had to make the painful decision to let her go due to an exploratory examination discovered that she had lymphoma.

For 3.5 short years we had a wonderful time and have wonderful memories of this girl, RIP big girl, sadly missed by us all at Jinglebelles it will never be the same without your wonderful purr, run free big girl you are sorely missed.


UK Supreme GMC Twizzle (Twizzle)