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UK Supreme GMC Twizzle
(the first Birman UK Grand Household Pet)

Hi there, my name is Twizzle – I would like to tell you a little bit about myself on my journey to the fame I have now achieved.

I was born on 1st July 2003.  I was the last one born of a litter of 5 little bundles of fluff.  When I entered into the world, my human mum noticed that as I was scrabbling for the nipple, I could not walk straight and kept falling over.   Over the following few hours my human mum and dad kept a very close eye on me, only to discover that my neck was twisted (my mouth was where my ears were and ears where my mouth was) and hence the reason for me falling over and over again. 
Well I made it through the weaning period, thanks to my human mum and dad hand feeding me every couple of hours for the first four weeks, then putting me back with my own mum for topping and tailing which she flourished at.  However, when it came to solids well that was another ball game, as we all scrabbled towards the plate I kept landing splat on my face, as it was very apparent I was eating sideways as I thought that was the way to do it!  Human mum and dad, kept at it, hand feeding me so I got the gist eventually and was one mucky puss as one would say!!

I continued to flourish with the TLC I received daily and it was very obvious I was the one who was constantly propped up.  When it came to exploring the big wide world of outside the box, I landed plumff! on my mush every time, but kept trying to play with my siblings and eating when we should and our mum keeping a very close on her little army!

At nine weeks it was DECISION time, why, you may ask, it was obvious that I could not be sold and would have to remain here at home with my human mum and dad, but it was decided to see what the vet suggested when me and my siblings went for our first injection!  Well the day arrived, we visited the vet and we were all pronounced fit and healthy, yeah! But the concern was about me and how could I cope with living with my problem!!! Oh dear!! So it was decided that on the Monday I would be taken back and be PTS.

On the Saturday following our injections, human mum and dad happened to talk to another breeder at a show who has encountered this problem herself and she was horrified, if the vet said I was fit and healthy why were we going to put me to sleep.  So with much guidance and help, human mum and dad came home with a mindful of information on how to try and help me, phew!!

So, the treatment began, daily human mum and dad did their daily routine workout with me and little by little my neck soon became a little more flexible and I was beginning to walk, albeit a little wobbly at first, but was going straight! by the time I reached 13 weeks when we all went for our second injections I was straight!!! My head was the same as my brother and sisters!

We duly arrived at the vet and he said well which one is it, my human mum laughed out and said ‘you tell me’ – I was running and gambolling around with my siblings and enjoying every minute.

Our vet was amazed, he asked us what we had done and my human mum and dad explained how they had achieved their result.  To be on the safe side and to ensure that I was fully fit and healthy inside, I had to endure some x-ray/scan – yuck! So if someone did want to give me a loving home, I would be able to go, the results all came back NORMAL – yeah, I was one fully healthy fit kitten.

Well, as you might have guessed by now all my siblings had been sold, so there was only little me at home.  However, human mum’s friend Elizabeth and her family came to visit one day – I liked Elizabeth and soon bonded well with her and her family when she asked my human mum if she could have me, yipeeee!  So home I went to my new home, met the others in the household and bonded well.

To this end, I am loved and adored by my new family and with encouragement from my human mum and dad who show a lot, saw the potential in my character to enter the GCCF Pedigree Pet section competitions.  My story and titles speak for themselves folks ……..

This is my report from the Supreme Show

Supreme Cat Show
19th November 2011

Miss S Walker

An amazing line up of boys and girls – thank you to their owners for showing them all in such super condition and making my job so difficult in the nicest possible way.  All 10 cats were in my opinion worthy of the UK Grand Certificate and I would like to thank their owners for allowing me the chance to judge such wonderful cats.

1st UK GMC & Best of Group Scott’s GMC Twizzle
My notes on the day say ‘Quite Simply a Star’ and he is.  I could eulogise about this cat all day long as to me he simply epitomises what a show cat should be in this section.  He has a super soft fluffy coat which was very well groomed and presented – his fur parted with a breath.  Sparkly white paws with attractive matt blue points.  Gorgeous deep blue sapphire eyes with a definite twinkle. Where do I start in respect of his temperament?  This boy could charm the birds out of the trees.  He purred, he rolled and for good measure he kissed me on the nose!  Amazingly relaxed and playful temperament.  He would quite happily have sat on my table for hours.  I was so pleased to see he went on to become Best Longhair Pedigree Pet and Supreme Pedigree Pet in Show also attaining his UK Grand title.  Many, many congratulations to his owner and connections.

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