The Lizzara Cattery was established in 1986 when Ginny Black acquired her first Birmans.
Since then Birmans have been in permanent residence with the first Norwegian Forest Cat arriving in 1989.

Ginny lives on a small lowland farm in Dumfriesshire, Scotland with 10 Birmans, 6 Norwegian Forest Cats, 1 Estrela Mountain Dog, 1 Sussex Spaniel, 2 ponies, 3 hens and a rabbit.

Aside from the pet animals Ginny has a herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus Cattle and a small flock of Ryeland sheep.

Over the years there have been numerous Lizzara Champions and Grand Premiers and more recently an Imperial Grand Premier (Jennifer Juniper - the first blue point Birman to achieve the Imperial title) with the Lizzara studs making a valuable contribution. Lizzara Dreamwarrior was the sire of the first kitten to win the coveted Supreme Kitten title at the Supreme Show. Both the Birmans and the Norwegian Forest Cats have been successful winning numerous Best in Show awards.

Ginny has been very active within the Cat Fancy and served as Honorary Secretary of the Birman Cat Club and as a representative on the Birman Breed Advisory Committee, for several years. She is currently Vice President of the Birman Cat Club (UK)

Ginny was for many years a Committee Member of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club and then Vice-Chairman, she was also Secretary of the Norwegian Forest Breed Advisory Committee.



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