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In appearance, Cornish Rex  are most noticeable for their coat, which ideally falls in Marcel waves. However, the coat can wave, curl or ripple.  It should be very short, close lying to  the body and very soft to the touch.  Once you have felt a Cornish Rex coat, nothing else compares.  


Apart from the Cornish Rex distinct coat qualities, they also have a distinct head and body type. Large ears are set high on a  medium wedge shaped head,  with a flat skull, plus long crinkly eye brows and whiskers.   In spite of their elegant  appearance, these medium  sized felines are very muscular, using their long legs for reckless chases around rooms, climbs up curtains, and swings from curtain poles.  They are very active and never loses their  kitten like antics, and can be taught quite quickly to  fetch, a screwed up piece of paper.   They will make perfect companions, for anyone who wants an active feline  to share life with.


The Cornish Rex is extremely affectionate, and people orientated.  They are highly intelligent, and have their noses in everything, even inspecting each item of groceries, when being taken out of shopping bags.  They love warmth, and can very often be found in the bedroom, very often secreted under the Duvet cover. 


Because of their extremely short, fine textured coat, many people believe that the Cornish Rex does not shed hair and is hypoallergenic. All breeds of cats, including the Cornish Rex, are constantly renewing their coats as old hairs are replaced by new ones. Whilst Cornish Rex hairs, are not easy to find on clothes and furniture, they are still being shed.  In comparison to most other breeds though, the shedding is minimal.


In research it has been found, that people who have an allergy to cats, are allergic to  the dander (dead skin cells) and the saliva, both of which are present in Cornish Rex cats.   


Female Cornish Rex weight approximately 6 lbs, and males weigh in heavier at 8 lb.




Breed standard of points (GCCF)


Head medium wedge, head length about one third greater than the maximum length, narrowing to a rounded muzzle and strong chin.


In profile, a flat skull curving gently at the forehead, and continuing in a straight line to the tip of the nose.


Ears large, set high on head, wide at base, and tapering to rounded tips, and well covered with fur.


Eyes oval shape, medium in size and any colour acceptable


Neck, body an legs -  Elegant neck.  Body hard and muscular, slender of medium length. Legs long and straight, giving an overall appearance of being high on the legs.  Paws small and oval.


Tail long fine and tapering, well covered with wavy fur.


Coat short, dense and silken in texture, without guard hairs. The coat must wave, curl or ripple, particularly on the back, sides and tail. Waving may also extend down the legs.  Whiskers and eyebrows crinkled and of good length.

Colours all coat colours, pattern and colour combinations acceptable, including any white markings on any coat pattern



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