By Barbara Darby


The Abyssinian Cat


The Abyssinian is a cat where moderation is the key to its appearance and sometimes its character.  The first cat of this breed is believed to have been brought into this country around 1870 by Capt and Mrs Barrett Lennard from Abyssinia but there is no hard evidence to support this.   Early breeders did not keep good records and there was no formal registration system so we may never know exactly how the breed developed.


What we do know is that Abys are very intelligent, independent cats, which love to head butt their owners.  They are also well known for their chirruping, trilling voices and their love of water to play in and with, also their retrieving capabilities.  They are very loyal and loving cats on their own terms, yet also independent.


Their wild, almost feral look, somewhat puma or lynx like, is what attracts most people to them, together with their most distinctive feature - their ticking.  Each hair on an Abyssinian has four distinct bands of colour and without this, they are not Abyssinians.


They are cats of a medium build, with a lithe, agile, graceful figure with distinct facial markings and eyes of a rounded almond shape.  Ear tufts are a desirable feature.  The four main colours are usual, sorrel, blue and fawn, with chocolate and lilac now also established.  All of these colours are also bred in silver versions.  There are also red and tortie Abyssinians but these are much rarer.


The average number of kittens in a litter is around three and most breeders will allow a cat to have three litters in two years, but this depends entirely on the health of the mother.  They are happiest as a pair but will relate readily to being a single cat provided there is enough stimulation and company for them.  They are usually best kept as indoor cats as most of them have little or no road sense.  An average lifespan is around fourteen to fifteen, but there are many Abys out there who go on into their twenties.


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