The first Bombay cats were bred in Kentucky USA in 1958 by a lady called Nikki Horner. She wanted to create a cat that resembled a miniature black panther and crossed a Sable (Brown) Burmese with a black American shorthair.

In this country during the early 1980’s a few dedicated British Breeders started to develop a British Bombay cat by crossing a Blue Burmese queen with an unregistered shorthaired tom. In this country the Bombay is shown and bred as part of the Asian cat group and they are genetically the nearest possible to a “Black Burmese”.

Bombay cats, breed number 72, are most recognised for their shiny patent leather coats, which are sound to the roots, and their big golden eyes – a striking combination.

Bombay’s are solid black cats, though through the breeding programme, other colours are found and recognised – these cats are known as Asian Self’s and could be Blue 72a, Chocolate 72b, Lilac 72c, Red 72d, and Cream 72f.

It is important to maintain the Burmese type in the breed, so Bombay to Burmese as well as Bombay to Bombay breeding is allowed. Bombay cats share many of the characteristics and behaviours of a Burmese. They are lap loving, heat seeking, affectionate and just love attention. They make ideal family pets, they are intelligent, playful, outgoing, friendly and loyal, they have an absolutely wonderful temperament.

The short tight coat of the Bombay requires little or no grooming, to stay in tiptop condition. No need to groom daily although petting your cat is always a joy.

These magnificent cats, which resemble the black leopards of India, would make a lovely companion to anyone

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