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The British, Shorthair, cat. Descended from cats introduced into Britain during Roman times the breed had centuries of "living rough" alongside man rather than with him, which produced a line of strong, self-sufficient, hardy cats.

Nineteenth century author and artist, Harrison Weir, so admired these catsí natural sturdiness and intelligence that he started selectively breeding the most outstanding specimens he could find and developed them into a breed.

In 1871 the first organized cat show took place in the Crystal Palace and  Best in Show was awarded to a 14 year old female blue tabby British Shorthair, owned by Mr. Weir.

The British Shorthair is a sturdy, compact looking cat. It has a massive round head and a deep-chested, cobby body with a unique coat for its breed-short, dense, plush and "crisp",  not soft to the touch.

One of its distinctions is in the wide range of beautiful coat colours that have been bred from this wonderful cat anything from solids colours  to tabby, spotted , tortoiseshell, Bi-colours, Tri-colours, tipped and Golden Tipped  and newer colours such as lilac, chocolate, Cinnamon and Fawn, with the introduction of the Colourpointed  Persian, we then saw the beautiful colourpointed series, arrive, although the Persian is no longer used in the self, tabby and colourpointed, British it can still be used with in the Golden tipped because of the small gene pool.

Of all these, colours, blue has remained the favourite throughout the years.

A British Shorthair is a delight to own, being intelligent, affectionate and Non temperamental. They have a strong character but are can be rather reserved by nature. They demand less attention than other breeds, although they love all attention, they are not at all pushy and are the cat to cope with busy lifestyles.

 They can and will live happily as a singular car or as one of many and have no problems adapting to other breeds that are introduced to them.

 The average life span for a British cat is 15 years and their litters vary from 2 to some times as many as nine. But in most cases a litter of 4 is a good litter.








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