The Burmilla Cat
Gwen D'arcy

The Burmilla can thank both its foundation breeds, the Burmese and the Chinchilla Persian, for its bewitching beauty and its fantastic character. An elegant cat of stunning immediate appeal, Burmillas have all the intelligence and character of the Burmese. They are extremely affectionate and faithful to their humans and enjoy all sorts of inter-action both with people (especially children) and other animals. They are mischievous and playful as kittens and retain a lot of these kitten traits right through their adult life.

This breed is quite recent in origin and started in the UK back in the early 1980's with an accidental mating between a Chincilla persian and a lilac Burmese. The resulting kittens were quite simply so lovely that a breeding programme was set up to continue the work.

That first accidental mating produced only black shaded silver kittens - what we now call Burmillas. Subsequent line breeding produced different kittens - the other members of what we now know as the Asian Group, of which the Burmilla could be said to be the "senior member". While the group is recognised as a whole by GCCF, in other registering bodies such as FIFe only the Burmilla has achieved recognition.

Burmillas should be of foreign type and of medium size. The coat should show a contrast between the ends of the hairs (Shading or Tipping) in any of the 10 Burmese colour ways and the pure silver base. This base coat should be of short and dense with a downy texture, giving just a slight lift to the silky top coat. Although a clear coat with only minimal tabby markings is desirable, most Burmillas have the typical tabby “M” on the forehead and sometimes barring on the legs and tail. Any shade of green is acceptable for the eye colour, but a clear “gooseberry” colour is the most sought after.






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