By Sarah Morgan


As a breed the Devon's are often referred to as "Little Devils" or
"Pixie Cats" these are all descriptions which fit the physical appearance as
well as their temperament,
they love to sit on your shoulder and are very much "people" cats,
they crave company and attention, so if you are thinking of getting a
Devon don't leave it at home while you go to work,
because your house will be demolished while your out (no we are not
kidding), they like to have company preferably human but other cats (they
will get on with most breeds) or even dogs will do.
They are very affectionate cats and have been known to be very good if
you are one of those poor unfortunate people who is allergic to cats,
as they have
very short wavy fur, very few guard hairs and do not shed as much as a
regular coated cat, some people who would normally have an allergic
reaction can live in a rex only household without any problems.
They are very intelligent and very inquisitive cats, and are as a
general rule "bomb proof".
They come in every colour you can think of, and can have anything from
a woolly almost sheep like curly coat, to the shortest of finely rippled
coverings. Large Bat like ears and large eyes give the Devon it's
unique look,
they have a small build and a big appetite, talkative but not quite to
the extent of say a Siamese. The only problem is that one is never
enough !!!!

Breed Standard (as set out by GCCF)
Head (20 points) :
Wedge Shaped with face full cheeked, Short muzzle with strong chin and
whisker break. Nose with well defined stop. Forehead curving back
to flat skull.

Ears (10 points) :
Large, set low and wide apart, very wide at base, tapering with rounded
tops and well covered with fine fur. With or without ear muffs and

Eyes (5 points) :
Wide set, large, oval shaped and sloping towards outer edges of ears.
Any colour acceptable.

Body Legs & Neck (20 points) :
Body hard and muscular, slender and of medium length, broad chest,
carried high on slim legs, with length of hind legs emphasized,
paws small and oval. Neck slender.

Tail (5 points) :
Long, fine and tapering, well covered with short fur.

Coat (40 points) :
Very short and fine, wavy, curly and soft, can have a rippled effect. 
Some short guard hairs are acceptable.  Whiskers and eyebrows crinkled,
rather coarse
and of medium length.

Colours :
All coat colours, patterns and colour combinations acceptable,
including any white markings on any coat pattern.






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