By Catherine Piper


Somali     The Somali is a cat of extreme elegance, grace and regality Somalis are very intelligent, active and playful. They possess an alertness and responsiveness that is fascinating to all who witness it. Somalis are gentle, loyal and sensitive and will captivate you with their affection .Somalis will meet life with zest and a sense of humour and  express themselves in almost human fashion with a soft ,chirrupy voice. The coat is semi-long and luxurious and yet needs minimum care.

  One of the most endearing qualities of a Somali is their untiring appetite for fun and games. Even as adults they will play fetch  endlessly with anyone willing to devote themselves to a game or  twenty! Their fascination for water is quite unique;  and when the fun has lapsed a Somali will melt your heart with gentle head-butting or a loving nose rub ,move on to a hair wash and then contentedly curl up on your lap, shoulder or knee and purr you to sleep!

  Yes, a Somali will enrich the lives of all who are wise enough to be owned by one.



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