A lot of breeder have found the NBA an invaluable source of information below are what some of our members think:-


"This is where the nice breeders hang out"

Dee - Ingutchini


"Despite breeding for over 26 years, I'm still learning and have picked up tips from other long term breeders as well as some of our less experienced breeders."

Marcia Owen - Goldlay


"This group is wonderful. I had all sorts of traumas last weekend with my first litter and I wouldn't have managed without everybody's support both before and after.  It is just so nice to know that there are interested people out there and the support offered is wonderful."

Sue Amor


Since joining the NBA group in the middle of 2003 I have been overwhelmed with the extensive knowledge I have learnt. Everybody is so helpful and you can ask what ever question you like without feeling a fool. Thank you to everybody in the group.
Eveadel Cats

 I think this group is so useful that I don't know how I would have  coped without it when I have my first litter. I have learnt so much from just reading the messages that I feel much better equipped to deal with breeding and finding good homes. It sounds like it can be a mine field at times and an easy trap for the unwary!! There is still about another year ,probably, before I have to think about homing a litter. By then I hope I will have learnt many of the 'tricks of the trade' So thanks to everyone for taking part in this wonderful group !!

Karen Porteous





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