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We have always been of the opinion that the Birmans are like royalty and the Wegies are their court jesters!


Pr Kyrrekatt Ole Gunnar (dob 9/4/01) 

Hello Ole here.  As the humans are avid Manchester United supporters, I was named after the legendary Norwegian Ole Gunner Solskjaer, a privilege I have to say!  Unfortunately I am not as lean as my namesake; in fact I am the heavyweight of the feline family.  I simply adore eating; yep any food which has been left by the others has my name written on it – yum, yum.




Gr Ch & Pr Kyrrekatt Kinghaakon  (dob 9/4/02)


Hi there, my name is Haakon.  Now I really am a lovable rogue.  Along with Ty and Teah, I am always up to mischief but the humans can never be cross with me – I just look at them with my sad eyes and they melt (especially mummy, works every time!).  I do like to sit on by mummy’s lap, I always try to get there first.  Sometimes I like to lie on the back of the sofa and groom my mummy’s hair.