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Shadycombe Turkish Van & Vankedisi
 Surrey, UK


Welcome to Shadycombe, Nicky Goulter is a cat breeder based in Barnstead, Surrey, specialising in the beautiful Turkish Van cat breed.

The Turkish Van cat is a uniquely beautiful variety. It has a distinctive white body with auburn markings on the head and tail. Unlike most domestic cats, this old and natural breed loves to swim, and is an intelligent and loving pet. Originating from eastern Turkey, and discovered near Lake Van in the 1950s, these cats are hard to describe in terms of temperament, because from an early age every kitten has a unique personality. What we do know, as breeders for several years, is that they are a welcome addition to any family home.

Shadycombe is proud to be associated with Turkish Vans and Vankedisi, and has developed a reputation as the breeder of choice for beautiful kittens. Please feel free to contact us today, for more information on the Turkish Van cat breed.

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Telephone: 01737 359720