The 2006 Show

Our Eighth Championship Show was held on
Saturday 1st July 2006 at
North Star Avenue, Swindon

Show Photos on this page appear by kind permission of Marc Henrie a.s.c.

Show Managers Jackie Pell and Elaine Robinson (right)

Professional Photographer Marc Henrie writes:

This amazing show was run by Joint Managers Elaine Robinson and Jackie Pell. Promotions/Hall Manager, John Robinson, is remarkable in his ability to persuade sponsors to provide a profusion of gifts; there were numerous awards and prizes beside the many samples put into every one of the 515 pens. The Main Sponsor was Royal Canin. Associate sponsors were R & L Pet Products, Techni-cal, Hills, Nutrience, Petlife International and James Wellbeloved. Amongst awards made on the day, were those to winners of the Club's Annual Cat Competition. Mrs S Woodley's Champion Bellabonny Johnny Begood - a beautiful Asian Brown Ticked Tabby - won the President's Shield, a personalised rosette, a magnum of Champagne donated by the Tolemac Tribe and free entry to the Ninth Championship Show.

Despite the day being very hot, the felines were in fine form - even sleepy - and none showed bad temper or became difficult to handle. In the many years I have attended the Wiltshire Show, I've found that there's always a remarkably relaxed atmosphere. Russell Hardy, whose super cat climbing products are nationally known, confirmed this to me. We had to smile when interrupted by a tiny lady in the aisle. She jumped up and down shouting "We've won, we've won." In her first cat show she'd won a Best of Breed rosette. How wonderful: to let yourself go and really enjoy the moment. Why don't we all do this - it might catch on? The Worshipful Mayor of Swindon, Councillor Mike Bawden, accompanied by the Mayoress selected the Best in Show Non-Pedigree. A very popular raffle - with 80 or so prizes - was followed by the Best of Variety announcements. Mrs Mary Kalal then selected the Best Overall Exhibit, Mr KA Game's delightful feminine Korat, Grand Champion Chanrakan Karnchana.

Once again, the staff of the Oasis Leisure Centre coped well with the crowd of visitors and 340 exhibitors. Car parking was free for the latter and many enjoyed a hearty English 'Show' breakfast and the facilities of the bar. The show over for another year, cats returned to their carriers, stall holders packed up their display units and cats and people went home happily to all points of the compass from Lancashire to Jersey, from Kent to Pembrokeshire. A great show thanks to all concerned: show managers, exhibitors, table workers and, of course, Mr and Mrs Public.


The Mayor and Mayoress of Swindon
with a prized pedigree
Starting young : winning kitten Ella and proud friend
congratulated by Judge John Hansson

Best Overall Exhibit 2006

Mr K A Game's Korat Female Grand Champion Chandrakan Karnchana
receives the Best Overall Pedigree Exhibit Award from Judge Mrs Mary Kalal

Best of Variety Awards

Best Persian - Mrs M Holden-Ritchie's
Red Colourpoint Male Kitten
Bred by Mrs JE Colin
Best Semi Longhair - Mr R & Mrs A Barletta's
Blue Tabby & White Maine Coon Male Neuter
Bred by the Exhibitors
Best British - Mrs D Conway & Mr A Chandler's
Brown Spotted Male Adult
Bred by the Exhibitors
Best Foreign & Best Overall Exhibit - Mr KA Game's
Korat Female Adult
Bred by Mrs M Saunders
Best Burmese - Mrs D Phillips'
Brown Tortie Female Neuter
Bred by Miss AL Virtue
Best Oriental - Mrs EM Boddy's
Red Oriental Male Adult
Bred by Mr B & Mrs A Carrington
Best Siamese - Mrs EJ Warry Chitty's
Red Point Siamese Male Neuter
Bred by the Exhibitor
Best Non-Pedigree - Mrs S Aldridge-Snell's
Half Pedigree (Shorthair Grey & White) Female Kitten
who also won the Crystal Clear Non-Pedigree Award


Persian Adult: Mrs JM Hammett & Mrs S Coker Ch Shou Staronline
Persian Kitten: Mrs M Holden-Ritchie Talshiar Redhotspice
Persian Neuter Mr & Mrs J Clements GrPr Picwick Pandora
Semi Longhair Adult: Mr & Mrs S Coleman Dotcom Lorenz
Semi Longhair Kitten Mrs K Hussey Avadore Silvery Moon
Semi Longhair Neuter: Mr R & Mrs A Barletta Pr Coontastic Don Giovanni
British Adult: Mrs D Conway & Mr A Chandler Ch Pampurred Charlie Brown
British Kitten: Mrs EL Machin Fanatikat Simmer Dim Sun
British Neuter: Mr & Mrs KR & YP Crook GrCh & Pr Pridykats Shakakhan
Foreign Adult: Mr KA Game GrCh Chandrakan Karnchna
Foreign Kitten: Mrs E Richmond-Watson Owlsdene Lodestar Rising
Foreign Neuter: Mrs DJ Hinks Ashputtel Yavavoom
Burmese Adult: Mrs EJ Truscott GrCh Janagar Miss Sapphire
Burmese Kitten: Mrs AL Virtue Hobberdy Higgledy Piggledy
Burmese Neuter: Mrs D Phillips UK GrPr Hobberdy Comanche Warpaint
Oriental Adult: Mrs EM Boddy GrCh Edingorse Charlemagne
Oriental Kitten: Mrs S Thompson Sandtum Winterclown
Oriental Neuter: Miss E Ward UK GrPr Lesant Francisco Goya
Siamese Adult: Ms E Harrington GrCh Hellfire Spellbound
Siamese Kitten: Mrs SL Miller Mafdet Amarantine
Siamese Neuter: Mrs EJ Warry Chitty Pr Chiarikki Grand Reform
Non-Pedigree Adult
& Royal Canin Award:
Miss J Manning Mr Jinks
Non-Pedigree Kitten
& Crystal Clear Non-pedigree Award
Mrs S Aldridge-Snell Ella
Crystal Clear
Pedigree Award
Ms E Harrington GrCh Hellfire Castaspell
(Siamese Apricot Tabby Male Adult)

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