The 2007 Show

Our Ninth Championship Show was held on
Saturday 7th July 2007 at
North Star Avenue, Swindon

The show managers were Elaine Robinson and Jackie Pell, ably assisted by Mrs Talboys and John Robinson. The felines were to be judged as Best of Variety; the Overall Best Exhibit was to be judged by John Hansson and the Best Non-Pedigree by the Deputy Mayor of Swindon, Councillor Steve Wakefield.

This was an excellent show, and some of the very best in the feline show world were exhibited. Grooming and presentation was superb. I was very struck by Mrs L Szitkovic's Snoanda Hanky Panky, a seal pointed Ragdoll whose presentation was quite electric, as were all the other cats in the show. Exhibitors should be proud of their Sparkling coats and lively temperament. As usual, John Robinson was in top form with special gifts and prizes to winners in all classes and for all manner of events. A great organiser he makes the show quite unique. Mrs Talboys is a great mine of information and is able to solve all problems in the twinkle of an eye.

The wonderful thing about the venue is that one can sit out on the large lawns in front of the hall, and the day being sunny, exhibitors took time out to do a spot of sun bathing (but not in their bikinis). I always enjoy the judging of John Hansson, he really puts his all into it and takes his time, and is very particular. This is a difficult thing to do when picking a winner from such first class felines. After much deliberation he chose the Maine Coon. "It was not easy," he said, when both the Maine Coon and the Singapura were held up. John said that there wasn't too much to choose between them but that the Main Coon had that bit more maturity, this would come later when the Singapura grew older. He got a great cheer for this and everyone seemed very content with his decision. This had been a very enjoyable day and a superb show. A round of applause for all who made it so.

Report by photographer Marc Henrie a.s.c published in Our Cats on 10th. August 2007.

Best Overall Exhibit 2007

Imperial Grand Premier Dairymaine Sarnia Cherie 64 41e bred by Mrs JM Haynes
A Classic Tortie Tabby Maine Coon owned by Miss SJ Rabey

Best of Variety Awards

Best Persian - Ocalicos Kudos (Imp) 12a 1t
Owned by Mrs R Swain, Bred by Mrs N Duckett 43
Best Semi Longhair - IGr Pr Dairymaine Sarnia Cherie 64 41e
Owned by Miss SJ Rabey, Bred by Mrs JM Haynes
Best British - Ch Jococa Fairytale Ending 28
Owned by Ms H Hill, Bred by Mrs CA Ash
Best Oriental - GrCh Midamyst Ivgotyoubabe 37
Owned by Mrs CS Moss, Bred by Mrs J Bright
Best Foreign - Jinnomni Drasnian Sakura 77
Owned by Miss F Sanderson, Bred by D Smith
Best Burmese - Adsetbu Katchyn Kahlua 27
Owned by Mrs J & Miss E Matthews,
Bred by Ms Cave-Brown-Cave
Best Siamese - Lynnox Bobby Dazzle 24n
Owned and Bred by Mrs L Gray
Best Non-Pedigree - Just Peachy (Short Hair Blue Spotted)
Owned by Mrs S Peet


Persian Adult: Mrs R Swain Ocalicos Kudos (Imp) 12a 1t
Persian Kitten: Mrs JA Lovesy Persilus Neapolitana 12a 1
Persian Neuter Mrs S Biggs GrCh & GrPr Bondor Big Luv 2a
Semi Longhair Adult: Mrs AJ Davies Ch Namrib Sandy 13c 7
Semi Longhair Kitten Mrs A Madden Penberis Demelza 13c 5
Semi Longhair Neuter: Miss SJ Rabey Imp GrPr Dairymaine Sarnia Cherie 64 41e
British Adult: Ms H Hill Ch Jococa Fairytale Ending 28
British Kitten: Mrs A Harrison  Crazipuss Callmecharley 17
British Neuter: Mrs E Benger GrPr Stonnall Rookee 30d
Foreign Adult: Miss F Sanderson Jinnomni Drasnian Sakura 77
Foreign Kitten: Mrs LM Barrett Highlight Persephone 23as
Foreign Neuter: Mrs WJ Case Sarwillou Kyu Kyusu 77
Burmese Adult: Mr & Mrs C & V King Ch Catamarian Ashanti 27
Burmese Kitten: Mrs J & Miss E Matthews Adsetbu Katchyn Kahlua 27
Burmese Neuter: Mrs P Grantham Greenpark Topspin Turvey 27b
Oriental Adult: Mrs C Moss GrCh Midamyst Ivgotyoubabe 37
Oriental Kitten: Mrs J Bright Midamyst Sparklemaker 29
Oriental Neuter: Miss RL Smyth GrCh & Pr Aprikat Space Odyssey 62 43ds
Siamese Adult: Mr TR Mort-Williams GrCh Chaiross Demetrius 24b
Siamese Kitten: Mrs GC Siviter Abicasa Don-Pasquale 32 1
Siamese Neuter: Mrs L Gray Lynnox Bobby Dazzle 24n
Non-Pedigree Adult Mr S Allen Twixie (Long Hair - White & Black)
Winner also of the Royal Canin Award
Non-Pedigree Kitten Mrs S Peet Just Peachy (Short Hair - Brown Spotted)

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